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Zazu Sunset Projector - Turtle / Sparrow / Hedgehog

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A Switch on the product by pressing the big BUTTON A

B Choose your favourite melodie with SLIDER B.

C Set the preferred volume: high-low, SLIDER C

D Switch the cry sensor ON/OFF, SLIDER D when the cry sensor is activated, the sleep program will restart from phase 2, to calm down and settle your baby.

Note Cry sensor stays active for 12 hours.

Auto-off: the entire 3 step sleep program will automatically switch OFF after 30 minutes.


Tim will calm and sooth your baby to sleep with the unique 3 step sleep program. The total program takes 30 minutes and will automatically switch off.

~STEP 1 Calming your child Follow the birds flying around the room, while listening to soothing african sunset music.

~STEP 2 Getting sleepy Lower brightness, the sun has set and there are fewer birds. Music changes to more calm african sunset music.

~STEP 3 Falling asleep No more movements No sound.

For the best projection, locate the product within 1 to 2.5 meters from the walls and ceiling. When batteries lose their power, the projection decreases, and the product might lose some of the features.


Turtle (28 x 20 x 12cm)

Sparrow (26 x 18 x 13cm)

Hedgehog (19 x 17 x 12cm)

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