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Vtech connect a pillar

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Snap the colorful segments together in a variety of ways to create an interactive caterpillar; connecting the segments   to the head trigger playful responses 

Each one provides sensory stimulation and encourages motor skill development when played with and connected   together; light-up antennae flashes with the sounds 

4 segments have fun interactive features that include rattling beads, a spinner, clicking sounds and tactile features;   press the heart button or connect the segments to hear 50+ fun phrases, songs and sounds 

When pushed along the floor, the caterpillar wiggles and plays cute sounds and music to encourage crawling; heart   button introduces colors, feelings, triggers phrases and plays music 

Requires 1 AAA battery (battery included for demo purposes only; new battery recommended for regular use);  

Ages : 6 months to 3 years

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