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Uinlui Baby Angel Tray Gift Set - Yellow / Purple / Pink / Blue

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Baby tray with various colours and functions specially designed for babies, which are good to use when you help your kid to develop his or her own eating habits. 

For age 6 months above

 - Baby Angel Tray, Tray Cover, Suction Wide Bowl, Spoon, Fork, Feeding Spoon, Angel Cup, Snack Cap 

- Coconut based TECO plastic is made of natural minerals and coconut shells. It has the advantage in reducing fossil fuel resources and cutting carbon dioxide emission. It is not toxic and will not cause harm to human body. 

Durable For All Conditions 

  • Microwave - Warm up in the microwave for up to 2 minutes 
  • Boiling Water Sterilization - Safe to sterilise in boiling water up to 120°C 
  • Keeping in the Fridge & Freezer - Convenient storage down till -20°C 
  • Dishwasher - Can be washed with dishwasher

Worry Free Usage 

  • No strain from the colouring of food on the utensils 
  • Easy to wash 
  • No residual food smell


Yellow / Purple / Pink / Blue

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