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Twistshake Click-Mat Mini + Plate - Pink / Blue / Grey / White

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No more plates on the floor! Stay one step ahead of your child with Twistshake’s smart click-mat. This plate with suction cup means you will never have to wipe unnecessary food waste from your floor anymore!

Click-mat Mini is designed to fit highchairs and all flat dining tables. The plate becomes fixed to the table, so that your child can focus on eating instead of getting up to mischief during mealtimes. No more plates on the floor!

Twistshake’s click function is designed to simplify meal times for you and your child by attaching the plate to the placemat with a simple click and twist to the right, activating the vacuum under the mat. The Click-mat adheres to flat, clean tables and/or highchairs with a vacuum, making the plate almost immovable once attached. This product is a must if you want to have quiet, enjoyable mealtimes with your child who has just started feeding him- or herself and exploring the world!

Twistshake’s Click-mat Mini fits all Twistshake’s plates: Plate 6+M, Divided plate 6+M, and Deep plate 6+M. Each plate comes with a lid, which converts it into a smart food box for any leftover food, or for you to store picnic food in on a day out. The Click-mat is also available in a larger size together with the optional Twistshake plate, Click-mat with plate 6 + M. In our Tableware department you can see both sizes and find the Click-mat that suits your needs.

For your child’s safety, it is free of BPA, of course. The material consists of premium quality, soft silicone that makes it durable and easy to store. It can be cleaned in the dishwasher on the upper rack and measures 31cm x 17cm. Suitable for your child from 6 months of age.

  • Fits all Twistshake’s plate models – Plate 6 + M, Divided Plate 6 + M and Deep Plate 6 + M.
  • BPA free – a safe and secure product for you and your child.
  • Quality-assured material – soft and 100% non-toxic silicone.
  • Suitable for your child from 6 months.
  • Dishwasher safe on the upper rack.
  • NOTE! Do not use Twistshake’s Click-mat in a microwave oven.


Click-Mat : 31 x 17 cm

Plate: 21 x 20 x 8.5 cm


Pink / Blue / Grey / White

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