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Tommee Tippee Nasal Aspirator

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From birth to one year, babies breathe exclusively through their nose. During this time, they’re unable to blow their nose themselves (they don’t often learn how to until they’re around two years old), so when they're stuffy, it’s really important to relive any congestion to keep them comfortable using a nasal aspirator.

Clears stuffy noses quickly and gently: Using a gentle sucking action, this electric nasal aspirator removes any secretions and nose congestion in seconds, improving baby’s breathing immediately

Gentle and effective: The gentle sucking action effectively removes mucus from your baby’s nose so your baby can breathe easier and sleep better

Simple to operate: The battery-powered unit is lightweight and comfortable to hold, while the single on/off button allows for a simple operation

Suitable from birth: Supplied with 3 different sized tips, you can choose the one that best fits your child’s nose. The soft silicone material is kind and gentle on your baby’s delicate skin

Easy to clean: The removable parts (tips, capsules and silicone sealing ring) are easy to wash either by hand, in the dishwasher or steriliser. The main electrical unit can be easily wiped clean with a damp cloth


  • To get started, please follow the simple instructions listed below…
  • Clean your hands before use. 
  • Wash and sterilise clear cover, sealing ring and aspirator tip. The disposable cup can be re-used if handwashed thoroughly between uses.
  • Place the disposable cup inside unit, position sealing ring in place then position clear cover over the top – twist to seal and lock in place.
  • Select the correct tip for the age of the baby or toddler.
  • Ensure baby’s mouth is open. Place tip into baby’s nose. DO NOT place deeply into the nose. DO NOT press the tip hard against the nasal wall. DO NOT apply the device to the ear, eye or throat this product is designed to remove nasal mucus only. 
  • When using the aspirator DO NOT block baby’s other nostril. 
  • Press “i” to operate the unit only in bursts of a few seconds.
  • Use for a few seconds only to remove mucus.
  • Turn off the device by pressing “O”. 
  • Disassemble cover and remove disposable cup holding the nasal mucus. Dispose of mucus. 
  • Wash, sterilise, dry the cover and silicone tip. Wash and dry the disposable cup or use replacement provided. Reassemble cover, disposable cup, and silicone tip.
  • Wipe the main body with soft cloth. DO NOT immerse the unit in water. Always use unit with disposable cup to collect mucus. 
  • Always change or empty disposable cup of mucus when the cup becomes two thirds full. Do not turn aspirator upside down when mucus is in the cup as it may block the aspirator.
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