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The Learning Journey Learn with Me - Counting Chicken

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Putting eggs in and out of this talking chicken is a fun way to learn about numbers and counting. 

Two play modes encourage children to count from one to 10, as well as recognize the numbers and colors on the eggs. 

Requires two “AA” batteries 

Recommended for ages 2+ years. 

Learn about numbers, counting, and colors

Designed to help teach children about color recognition, number recognition, and basic counting from one to ten, counting chicken is a fun way to introduce fundamental math skills in a fun and relaxed way.

Hand-eye coordination

Placing the durable plastic pieces into the toy to achieve different outcomes is a great way to test and develop a child's hand-eye coordination and improve their motor skills.

Improve listening and problem-solving skills

Children are encouraged to listen carefully to instructions and follow them correctly to complete each challenge. This is a great way to increase their ability to listen and follow guidance, all while having fun.

Encourage confidence

Using their newfound knowledge to complete the challenges is a fantastic way to boost a child's confidence and improve their self-esteem, which will help them move forward onto more complex tasks.

Boost social skills and independent play

This is a great toy for encouraging social skills as children can play together or with adult help. It can also be used alone to encourage a child to play independently, which is a skill they will need as they progress into education.

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