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Storky Breast Milk Storage Bag - 28pcs Per Pack

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Breast Milk Storage Bag 28pcs per pack.


- Pre-sterilized Double Zip Lock Bags with leak proof.

-Proven food grade material for long and safe breastmilk storage.

-Self-standing design.

-Writable area to record date/time/volume.

-Sealed seams for cleanliness cut or tear before use.

-Tear open at bottom for extra hygiene and prevent spills.


-Tear off the seal at the top of the milk bag gently.

-Pull the zipper seal apart and pour breast milk into the bag.

-Leave some room at the top of the bag to allow expansion when milk freeze.

-Seal the bag and mark the details.

-Lay the bag flat for compact freezer storage.


-To thaw breast milk, place sealed bag in refrigerator or run under cold tap water

-To warm breast milk, place sealed bag or pour desire portion to feeding bottle. Warm with warm water or warmer.


-Do not microwave breast milk.

-Do not thaw breast milk in very hot or boiling water

-Do not refreeze thawed breast milk

-Discard storage bag after used.




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