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Simba Allonge PPSU Feeding Bottle With Handle (200ml) - Wide Neck Cross Hole

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•The Platinum Silicone Teat - Specially designed for newborns with its golden 25° of softness, bringing the feel of the breast. 

•Aspir 5.0 Smart Anti-Colic Decompression System - Anti-choking, anti-dripping, anti-colic and easy burping. 

•Authoritative Hospitals’Pick - Highly recommended by chief nurses, best for combination feeding. 

•Purely 100% Made in Taiwan - The entire production process is carried out in ISO 9001 certified factories in Taiwan. 

•Pioneering! 1 Transforming Itself into 8 - Simply change the upper parts according to the need for milk storage, feeding or learning at every stage of nursing the baby. 

•Everything You Need for the Baby - We have the most complete range of bottle capacities, teat sizes and accessories to fully support each stage of the baby's growth. 

•Exclusively Batch Tested - Every batch of bottles is strictly tested to meet the highest standards of safety and quality; SGS certified, BPA & BPS-free, phthalate-free. 

•Leakproof Screw Closure - A perfect seal even at 70℃/158°F, the temperature according to the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines on how to prepare a bottle feed.  


Wash thoroughly and sterilize the product before each use. Choose and switch to the right teat hole and size based on the actual situation according to your baby's sucking ability, the thickness of baby food etc  


Teat:Come with Wide Neck Cross Hole S Teat 


Bottle Type:Wide Neck 

Capacity:200ml / 7oz  



Bottle::Polyphenylene Sulfone(-20℃~+197℃) 

Anti-Colic Teat:Silicone(-40℃~+150℃)  

Straw Ball : Polypropylene/Stainless Steel (-20℃~+100℃) 

Made In Taiwan


- The product is reusable.

- Wash thoroughly and sterilize the product before each use to ensure hygiene.

- It is normal for the bottle and accessories to darken or turn yellowish depending on different sterilization methods, the usage pattern and the frequency of use.

- To sterilize the product, pour boiling water into a large pot, let it soak for 3-5 minutes, allow to air dry.

- To sterilize using steam, UV or microwave sterilizers etc., follow instruction manuals.

- NEVER leave your baby unattended with the product.






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