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Siku UPS Logistics Set

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  • The brown UPS delivery vans have formed part of the street scene for decades. 
  • The rushing delivery men jump out of their vehicles and hurry with the package to the customer. 
  • But how does the package reach the delivery man? 
  • With the UPS logistics set, the complex logistics of package delivery become easy to understand, and are an exciting play subject. 
  • The set consists of a forklift truck, a 3-axle tractor unit and a delivery van in the typical UPS colour scheme. 
  • The lifting frame of the Linde forklift truck can be moved, and the box attachments can thus be loaded. For this, the rear flaps can be opened. 
  • The driver’s cab and the chassis of the 3-axle tractor unit and of the centre-axle trailer are made of metal. And the delivery van is made completely of metal.
  • Age: 3+ years
  • manufactured from die-cast metal and plastic parts
  • meet German and international standards and guideline such as EN 71 und EN 62115s 
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