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Schleich Dinasaurs - Therizinosaurus / Dragon Hunter / Dragon Fighter / Dragon Battering Ram

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  • The First Sketch To Decorating The Figurine By Hand

  • All Figurines Are Lovingly Painted By Hand

  • For Educationally Valuable Playing

  • Promote The Child's Creativity And Independence

  • For age 3 years & above



The Therizinosaurus had huge forelimb claws, each up to one meter long. The most impressive feature of the Therizinosaurus is its striking gigantic claws. Their purpose has not yet been revealed, however it is likely that it used the claws to defend itself.   

Size: L 21 x W 15 x H24cm


The Hunter has claws, sickle-shaped talons and a brutal bite. It has almost lost its fire, because it never uses it anyway. But to make up for this it has a poison fang, which makes every bite a fatal attack. Coupled with its ability to make no noise, its fantastic night vision and unbelievable endurance, all of this makes it a dangerous dragon. 

Size: L 21.5 x W 9.5 x H9cm


The Fighter is the strongest and wildest of all the dragons. It can cause terrible destruction with its incredible power and its spiny tail. On top of this, it is very belligerent and does not shun any conflict. It is rather slow and not very skilful, but makes up for it by being all the fiercer and more aggressive. The Fighter is always hungry and eats everything it catches. 

Size: L18 x W 20 x H8cm


The Battering Ram can easily break through the thickest walls with its horns. Its enormous penetrating power makes it one of the most dangerous dragons. The battering ram can even break through castle walls with its horns.

Size: L15 x W 15 x H 10cm


Therizinosaurus / Dragon Hunter / Dragon Fighter / Dragon Battering Ram

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