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Richell T.L.I Spout Cup 200ml -Puppy / Teddy / Train

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- All parts are dishwasher safe and can be sterilized by boiling.

- There are only a few parts, so it's quick and easy to assemble.

- Simple structure helps to reduce staining and droplets.

Richell T.L.I First Sippy Cup 200ml 5m+

Start straw lesson with two different drinking methods!

The wide, soft spout teaches baby to pucker lips. Without the straw, baby can tip the bottle up to drink from the same position as when drinking milk form a bottle.

Straw inserted in the bottle allows baby to practice drinking from a straw with same spout. Baby develops the ability to suck up and can gradually step up to drinking from a straw.

・5 months and up

・Color: LB, P

・Size: 11.5×7.5×12(cm)

・Package: 10.8×7.5×12.1(cm)

・Capacity: 270mL

・Max Capacity: 200mL

・Material : PP / Silicone rubber


Puppy / Teddy / Train

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