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Richell Soft Baby Sofa

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Light Grey


Mint Green

Approximately 58.5 * 55 * 28.5H (cm)
* Size varies slightly depending on the amount of air. 


Body: Vinyl chloride resin (uses food hygiene law plasticizer), nylon
Upper pig, air pump, air stopper: Vinyl chloride resin
Air valve: Synthetic rubber, Internal air valve: Polyurethane


  • Air type and fluffy! A sofa that is gentle on the baby's body and fits in the room.
  • Low center of gravity and excellent sitting comfort!
  • Suede-like soft texture.
  • Built-in air pump makes it easy to inflate!
  • Easy to fold, store and carry!
  • Target age: Around 7 months-2 years old
  • Weight guide: Up to 13kg
  • Easy to fill with air pump! Without using a commercially available air inflator, you can move it up and down and take air easily in about 2 minutes.
  • Wipe quickly and easy to clean.

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