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Recaro Car Seat Tian Elite Prime Frozen Blue

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The Recaro Tian Elite will convince everyone with practical functions and safety features. Built-in speakers in the head area, the air circulation system, a pull-out leg rest and additional pads in the shoulder section are the most amazing features of the Elite version.  


  • Age recommendation: 9 months up to 12 years / 9-36 kg
  • Standard: UN R44 / 04
  • Fastening method: universal with 3-point vehicle belt, from group 2/3 additional fastening with Seatfix connectors
  • Installation: forward-facing mode
  • Safety: HERO belt system, intelligent belt buckle, Advanced Side Protection (ASP) side impact protection
  • Comfort: resting position, grows with the child, soft seat foam, easy conversion of the belt system, built-in belt storage option
  • Elite equipment: Sound System – built-in speakers, air circulation, pull-out leg rest, Smart Protection Wings - cushion at shoulder height
  • Dimensions: 44 x 47-53 x 56.5-80.5 cm

[Universal installation with your car’s own seatbelt in group 1 (9-18kg)]

For the entire service life, the Recaro Tian Elite can be installed in almost any car with the vehicle's own seat belt. In group 1 (9-18 kg) you need to fasten your child by using the 5-point belt.

[Additional Installation via Isofix connectors from group 2/3 (15-36kg)]

By using the Built-in Seatfix connectors, the child car seat in group 2/3 can be connected firmly to the vehicle via the ISOFIX points. Seatfix increases safety and secures the car seat when not in use. You can fasten your child with the 3-point belt that it guided along the red marked belt positioner.

[Relaxing resting position thanks to adjustment of backrest]

For an optimal fit during installation, the adaptive backrest follows the contours of the vehicle’s seat. With a weight of only 8.6 kg, switching between several vehicles is super easy. With a weight of 8.4 kg, you can easily transfer the car seat to another vehicle. For smaller children, the adjustable seat angle ensures a relaxing resting position, even on longer trips.

[Convenient fastening of your child due to HERO belt system]

The intuitive and central belt positioner supports a safe and easy fastening of your little passenger. The patented HERO belt system, a unit consisting of shoulder pads, straps and headrest, prevents the straps from twisting and shifting. A coating on the belt tongues prevents them from heating up in summer and reduce the risk of injury.

[Built-in belt storage option]

During the period of use from 9 months up to 12 years, the adjustable backrest and the headrest grow with your child. As soon as your child has reached the weight limit of 18 kg, the 5-point seat belt is to be removed. Then the belt is stored in the built-in belt storage option, this way a complicated removal of the belt is no longer necessary.

[Side impact protection ASP – Safety with energy absorbers]

The Recaro ASP (Advanced Side Protection) in the side wings features energy absorbers, which reduce the forces of a side impact.

[Elite equipment for extra comfort]

Compared to the Tian standard equipment, the Tian Elite scores with an elaborate air circulation system. Openings in the outer shell as well as mesh inserts support a good seating climate. Optimally adjusted to your child, the extendable leg rest provides additional support. Padded wings in the shoulder section, the so-called Smart Protection Wings, adjust automatically to the shoulder width of your child for an even more comfortable and safe seating experience.

Unique sound system

Lean back and listen to an exciting children's audiobook or your favourite music. Built-in speakers in the headrest, an audio connection and a device pocket enable even the smallest to have the best entertainment.

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