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Pure-Eat Finger Organic Stick 30g - Sweet Pumpkin / Purple Sweet Potato / Broccoli / Carrot

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Nutritious ingredients and Non-fried snack!
Enjoy Naebro products without worries as no extra sugar or salt is added. Sugar or sodium listed on the nutrition facts is an original content of the raw material such as rice, vegetables, or fruit itself.

- The snack that melts in your mouth, my child's first snack
- Soft and mild taste that melts in your mouth
- All raw materials are produced in Korea
- Gluten Free
- Rice Snacks with no additives
- No flour
- No preservatives
- No leavening agent
- No pH adjusting agent
- No color additives
- Suitable for the baby 8 months above


Sweet Pumpkin / Purple Sweet Potato / Broccoli / Carrot

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