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Pigeon Training Toothbrush Lesson-123 (Set)

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Pigeon Train ToothBrush Lesson 123 Set Do you want your children to have healthy, strong teeth? The Pigeon Training Tooth Brush Set 1, 2, 3 allows you to kICK-start their teeth brushing habit from the get-go. 

Brush 1: It has a textured handle for grip, soft bristles, and an anti-choking shield. The features allow you to train an infant aged 6-8 months to clean the first few teeth.

Brush 2: Designed to teach a baby of 8-12 months the motion of cleaning the gums and teeth. The bristles are soft, handle slightly longer and the anti-choking shield still attached. 

Brush 3: The last brush is a miniature version of an adult toothbrush with customized features for the baby molars. It has soft nylon bristles and a broad-edged handle that stops over-insertion. 


- Bottle and nipple brush with a curved brush head 

- Curved head allows easy cleaning of the feeding bottle 

- Molded handle-tip allows quICK and effective cleaning of nipples 

- Manufactured with BPA-free materials for a scratch-free performance

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