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Pigeon PP Nursery P-Type (240CC) For Cleft Palate

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In support with helping babies that have cleft lip or cleft palate, we have the bottles specially tailored made for them to be able to continue feeding. Babies with this condition have poor sucking strength but with these bottles, parents will still be able to provide the best. 


The bottle shaped of ellipse for easy holding and it is soft for easy squeezing when feeding. You can support infant while feeding by squeezing the bottle to release milk when infant’s sucking strength is weak.


The rubber on the side facing the upper jaw is thicker so that it won’t slip into the clefts, while the side facing the tongue is thin, so that is required only light pressure. The ventilation valve on the teat allows for the smooth flow of milk by preventing the teat from collapsing while infant is sucking.

[Backflow Prevention Valve]

It prevents milk from flowing back into the bottle while infant is sucking. The milk flows out when infant’s tongue presses on the teat. So even infants with weak sucking strength can draw out milk from the bottle.

  • The teat is made from soft silicone rubber and comes with two sizes to accommodate the different conditions of infant.
  • The milk-flow opening of regular size teat is a slightly larger cross-cut opening, allowing milk to flow smoothly even when sucking strength is weak

Sterilization Method: Boiling, Steam, Chemical

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