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Philips Avent Soother Air Night Time Girl 6-18M

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Soothe your baby with a pacifier that lets skin breathe and is easy to find at night. ultra air night has extra large air holes to keep sensitive skin soft & dry, and a glow-in-the-dark button so you can see it while the lights are out 

Lets sensitive skin breathe 

Extra large air holes gently ventilate your baby's skin to keep it soft and dry. 

Gently rests on skin 

ultra air is designed with a lightweight shield and rounded edges for maximum comfort. 

Easy to find when the lights are out 

Use ultra air's glow-in-the-dark button to find your baby's pacifier quickly without having to switch on the lights. 

The ideal texture for a feeling of comfort 

Everything about the ultra air pacifier is designed to feel light and comfortable, including the silky nipple. 

Loved by babies worldwide* 

When we asked moms how their little ones respond to our textured silicone nipples, on average 98% said that their baby accepts Philips Avent ultra soft and ultra air pacifiers. 

Respects the natural shape of palate, teeth and gums

Look after your little one's oral development with a symmetrical nipple that respects the natural shape of their palate, teeth and gums. 

Sterilize and store in one handy case

The ultra air travel case doubles as a sterilizer, so all you need to do is add some water and pop it in the microwave. Then rest easy that it's clean for the next use.

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