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One2baby Diaper Alert

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The One2Baby Diaper Alert is the latest innovation in Smart Technology to help parents and caregivers care for their children.  The Diaper Alert is a simple, small, reusable sensor parents attach to the front of their child’s diaper.  Specialized heat and humidity sensors will detect the moment a child has wet or soiled their diaper and instantly send a message “via bluetooth technology”  to the Diaper Alert App on the parents smart phone.  This will allow a quick change well ahead of diaper rash or any other discomforts setting in.

The sensor also relays constant monitoring of temperature and humidity readings, so parents can quickly and easily check up on the state of their child. 

Imagine a world where parents can deal with diaper changes well ahead of leaks on clothing and bedding, well ahead of the room filling with that familiar smell and well ahead of babies bum turing red with rash.  Diaper Alert by One2Baby is the sensible and smart solution to winning the war against diapers.

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