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Mother-K Tweezer & Nail Care Set for New Born Baby

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Babies very often unconsciously touch their face or suck their fingers, therefore, it is very important to take care of your babys nails carefully and gently from the first days.

The kit consists of essential hygiene products that are safe to use even for newborns due to rounded tips and safe materials.

This is a necessary product after childbirth!

Set consists of:
Tweezers (from birth)
Nail File (from birth)
Nail Scissors (from birth)
Nail clippers (from 9th months)

A practical set of unique products made from safe materials will be used for a long time and will help take care of your babys thin and small nails.

1. Wipe the tools with a dry cloth or towel after use. When kept wet or contaminated, it can cause corrosion.
2. Keep out of reach of children. Be careful with nail clippers and nail scissors as a sharp blade can injure.
3. The guided age of use may vary from individual to individual.
4. This product may be damaged by impact due to its material properties. Use it carefully.
5. Use it only for the designated purpose and do not forcibly remove a foreign substance, otherwise, it may cause an injury.
6. This product should be used by parents or the caregivers.

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