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Mother-K Toddler Toothbrush 2set - Beige Purple / Olive Orange

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Babies and children’s first toothbrushes. Every mom is very careful when choosing her first toothbrush. Thinking about proper care for the first tooth? Mother-K has a solution!

Toothbrushes that meet the needs of the child’s teeth at each stage of their development.

Every day, every time you brush your teeth, mom worries.

"Now using this toothbrush, Is it right for our child's oral condition? "Mother K for meticulous care of the baby's teeth

We suggest an oral care routine that fits your oral structure by age. Step-by-step toothbrush toothpaste for your child's time and oral size. 


  • Suitable for between 12-24 Months(1-2Years)
  • 1pack for 2 set toothbrush
  • Available color for each is CREAM BEIGE/MILKY PURPLE or OLIVE/MODERN ORANGE
  • Tight grip for baby and parent hands
  • In order to learn to brush your teeth with fun, the toothbrush is for your baby and for your parents
  • Be comfortable. With a tight grip on the hands of babies and parents
  • Mother K 0.5 step Infant toothbrush makes brushing your teeth like a fun play.
  • For a child who grows visibly every day
  • Not a thousand-piece uniform step
  • Systematic oral care steps tailored to oral growth are required.
  • Toothbrush head that fits the small oral structure of the back 
  • You can cultivate perfect brushing habits without reluctance.
  • Manage our baby teeth more systematically.
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