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Mam Mini Cooler & Clip

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The biting structure of MAM Mini Cooler helps with providing relief and at the same time cools baby’s gum discomfort from the pains of teething. 

MAM Mini Cooler & Clip: Water-filled cooling element for first teeth

RELIEVES TEETHING SYMPTOMS – MAM Mini Cooler Teether massages and cools baby’s sore gums to provide relief from baby teething symptoms

COOLING MECHANISM SOOTHES SORE GUMS – Filled with purified water that can be chilled in the refrigerator to maintain a cooling effect on sensitive gums

STIMULATES SENSORY DEVELOPMENT – Variety of structures and textures on this teething toy work to stimulate baby’s sense of touch and foster coordination skills

EASY TO HOLD – Lightweight design and curved ring makes it easy for small babies to hold and use by themselves

BONUS CLIP INCLUDED WITH TEETHER – Includes one bonus clip that easily attaches to baby’s clothing, ensuring teething toys remain clean and secure

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