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Mam Baby Gum Massager (3+ months)

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For age 3+ months

Cleans and massages sensitive gums and baby’s first teeth. 

MAM Baby Gum Massager: Ease the pain while teething

PROMOTES ORAL CARE FOR BABIES 3+ MONTHS – Gum massaging toothbrush cleans mouth, massages sensitive gums, and helps establish an oral care routine as babies develop their first teeth

SAFETY SHIELD – Includes one Safety Shield attached to the massaging toothbrush to ensure that the brush stays at a safe distance from the back of baby's mouth

EASY TRANSITION TO INDEPENDENT BRUSHING – The ergonomic, non-slip handle on this baby toothbrush makes it easy for both babies and toddlers to hold and use on their own as they begin to brush their teeth independently.

BRUSHY THE BEAR MAKES BRUSHING FUN – Playful character on this baby toothbrush encourages children to brush and comes to life on an interactive app available on the App Store and Google Play

BPS/BPA FREE – All MAM products are made from materials free of BPA and BPS, making our products safe and suitable for even the youngest newborn baby

MADE IN EUROPE – All MAM products are made in Europe. Our high safety standards and testing criteria go well beyond the demands of legal regulations and we only use materials that are the most suitable for your baby’s health and comfort

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