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Mam Baby Feeding Spoons & Cover

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With MAM heat sensitive baby feeding spoons you’ll be able to see the spoons change colour when food is too hot. The spoons are also soft and gentle on those tender gums. The non slip surface allows both babies and parents to hold allowing babies to practise self feed. 

Feeding Spoon: A solution for every step of baby’s development

Color: pink / blue / green

HEAT SENSITIVE – With MAM brilliant heat sensitive baby spoons you will be able to see the spoons change colour if food is too hot; the spoons are soft and gentle on gums

DIFFERENT LENGTHS – Baby feeding spoons that give you the choice of holding a longer spoon together or allowing your baby to practise with a shorter spoon on their own

COMPACT COVER – Taking up less room than a baby cutlery case, these two separate compartments can either keep spoons clean or be used to hygienically store used spoons

NON-SLIP SURFACE – This baby cutlery set is secure and easy for both babies and parents to hold, giving parents one less struggle on the path to weaning

BPS/BPA FREE – All MAM products are made from materials free of BPA and BPS, making our products safe and suitable for even the youngest newborn baby

MADE IN EUROPE – All MAM products are made in Europe. Our high safety standards and testing criteria go well beyond the demands of legal regulations and we only use materials that are most suitable for your baby’s health and comfort

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