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Little Baby Grains Q-Junior (Premium Range)

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This blend is perfect for complementing your baby's diet, in addition to meat, vegetables and fruits. We recommend introducing quinoa to babies, who are at least 12 months old, as quinoa may be harder and less easy to digest. However, if you would like to introduce quinoa to your baby below 12 months, check out Let's Chew from our BASIC Range!

Premium natural white rice, organic millet, premium natural red rice and organic quinoa suitable for toddlers from 15 months onwards. Can be cooked as porridge or rice. Bursting in flavour and texture, this blend of four different grains provides a delightful and nutritious variety to your little one's diet. If your little one is feeling under the weather, just cook some plain Q-Junior - gentle for the tummy with no compromise on nutrition! Easy to cook, cooking on a stovetop takes about 15 minutes. If cooking as rice, pre-soak the grains for approximately 15 minutes.

The white and red rice in our PREMIUM range are premium in nature as they are limited in production. These grains are naturally sweet-tasting, being planted in the mountainous regions of Borneo without the use of pesticides. Nutritionally, both PREMIUM and BASIC ranges have their respective strengths.

Weight: 750g, 30 servings.

Usage Instructions: Store in fridge. Mix well and wash thoroughly before cooking.

Ingredients (Origin): Natural white rice (Malaysia), organic millet (PRC), natural red rice (Malaysia), organic quinoa (Bolivia).

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