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Little Baby Grains Gold Starter Kit for Babies - (6-8 Months)

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An essential kit for starting your baby's first foray into the world of solids!

Begin the adventure of starting solid foods with a gift to yourself and your baby! Never fear as you are fully equipped with a complete food journal, which contains all the guides and help that you will need! 

[This GOLD Starter Kit contains]

- 1 pack of Let's Eat (BASIC Range): Soft and fluffy for easy start to solids

- 1 pack of Tummy Care (NUTRITIONIST FORMULATED Range): Jointly formulated by a Certified Nutritionist and a Dr. Sears Certified Health Coach to support optimum tummy care

- Food Journal: Record your baby's first bites in this food journal and keep it for a trip down memory lane in the future! Included in the food journal are:

 - 9 wholesome recipes
 - Favourite recipe record section
 - Food guide on what foods to introduce and when
 - Step-by-step instructions for the first 24 days
 - Notes section
 - Stickers to record your baby's reactions and favourite recipes

- Measurement scoop: 1 scoop makes 1 bowl of porridge

Deciding between the PREMIUM and GOLD Starter Kit? We recommend the GOLD Starter Kit as it contains grains from the BASIC and NUTRITIONIST FORMULATED Ranges. The BASIC Range uses medium grain white rice, which is more widely available. This fluffy grain is naturally sweet and easily accepted by babies! The NUTRITIONIST FORMULATED range was jointly formulated to address specific conditions by babies, whilst maintaining baby's general health!

Weight: 250g, 5 servings.

Usage Instructions: Keep in cool and dry place.

Ingredients: Premium, non-GMO unbleached wheat flour, spinach, filtered water, fibre, organic Australian lake salt (1.5%)

Origin: Malaysia

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