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K-Mom Zero Dust Laundry Detergent 1000ml (Zero Soap / Zero Scentless)

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  • Acquired eco-friendly certificate from Ministry of Environment
  • Verified the stringent quality and environmental performance of the Korea Environment Industry & Technology Institute
  • Certified as a detergent that reduces the generation of harmful substances in product packaging
  • Excellent environmental performance of the container production process and recycling of attached label
  • Ultrapure purified water RPP water, it's a special five-stage filter refined from the basics
  • Sanitary Pipe Process, it's more safety due to no exposure from external environment
  •  Strictly proven hygiene management, quality and environmental management system ISO official certification

Eco-friendly detergent certified by Ministry of Environment 

Use of packaging materials with reduced harmful substances and environmentally certified eco-friendly detergent for safe use. 

Patented technology to remove heavy metal 

Removes heavy metals (lead, cadmium, etc.) from fine dust attached to clothing to eliminate the causes of skin irritation and respiratory irritation remaining in clothes. 

Contains Natural ingredients backing soda 

Contains natural food ingredients grade of baking soda for excellent washing and disinfecting effect. 

Vegetable safe material smooth without stress 

Minimizes baby's skin irritation by using only naturally derived vegetable safe material without using harmful allergenic ingredients and relieving skin stress.

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