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K-Mom Zero Dust Feeding Bottle Cleanser 400ml (Green Olive)

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- Removes bacteria without boiling bottles. 

- 400ml. 

- Green olives. 

- Can be washed in baby bottles, fruits, vegetables. 

With ingredients of plant origin that dissolve well even in cold water. Active substances from maize and potatoes are used. Easily soluble in cold water and no detergent remains. Your hands are irrigated when washing. It is influenced by natural extracts of vegetable origin. Even a small amount of detergent is perfect for foaming.

Washing - One-touch use about 2ml of cleaning agent. 

Dishwashing - Use a 5ml detergent for 100ml of water. Rinse under running water. 

Baby vessels - 5 ml detergent in 100ml water. Rinse thoroughly. 

Fruit and vegetables - 5 ml detergent in 100ml water. Stir the fruit and vegetables into the dish with detergent and let them forget for 5 minutes, rinse with running water. Wash for about 30 seconds. 5 ml detergent in 100ml water. Rinse thoroughly.

INGREDIENTS: Surfactants 10%( Fatty acid-based ion, Advanced alcohol-based nonionic), Glycerin, Baking Soda, Food Preservative, pH modulator, Scent. etc.

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