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K-Mom Zero Dust Fabric Softener 1000ml (White Floral)

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  • K-MOM Eco-friendly fabric softener. Non-irritating smell for children. • 1000ml/weakly acidic. • White Floral scent. • For high quality clothing, various fabrics and wool. The date of manufacture is indicated on the packaging. The product is valid for 36 months. From the date of manufacture.

Non-allergenic fabric softener

More softness and protection of fabrics without allergens!

• Non-allergenic odour.

• With Glycerine.

• Materials of vegetable origin

• Long lasting scent.

Why K-MOM Zero Dust? “Give the Best” – each mother’s credo. With the protection of the baby skin of glycerin. Glycerin provides a water absorption effect that prevents the tissue from soliezing and thus protects the skin of the baby from unpleasant sensations. Cloth after washing becomes soft and fluffy. Antistatic effect. Organic acids give the tissue softness, tenderness and antistatic effect.

Contains Glycerin for baby’s skin 

Prevents the fabric from stiffness and protects the soft baby skin by keeping the fabric soft after washing 

Long-lasting fragrance after washing 

A rich floral scent and war mush fragrance are not irritating, and remain soft and mell ow for long after washing. 

Vegetable safe material smooth without stress 

Minimizes baby’s skin irritation by using only natural ly derived vegetable safe material without using har mful allergenic ingredients and relieving skin stress. 

Safe Allergy-free material

The material does not use allergic material which is harmful for sensitive baby skin.

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