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Haenim NexusFit™ Basic Breastshield - Single

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NexusFit™ A breastshield that fits.
This is what a breastfeeding mum needs

One Size Fit
Suitable for size 20mm-32mm

Better Fitting
Haenim patented silicone breastshield is made as a single silicone and plastic component, provides equal pressure throughout pumping, ensuring a snug fit no matter the size.

5 Silicone Ball
Extra comfortable and better massage

Ergonomical Position
Pump at a more comfortable position

Compact Pump Body
NexusFit™ is more compact and sturdy as compared to the conventional breastpump body.


  • One Size Fit
  • Better Fitting
  • 5 Silicone Ball
  • Ergonomical Position
  • Compact Pump Body
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