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Globber Elite Deluxe Flash Light Scooter With Colour T Bar - Navy Blue / Deep Pink

RM 369.90
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Patented fold-up scooter for kids aged 3+ has an elliptic folding system to easily put the 3-wheel foldable scooter in trolley mode without removing the T-bar from the deck. 

4-height adjustable scooter for kids up to 9+ comes with our newly designed, dual-colour TPR handlebar grips and anodized T-bar. 

Light-up scooter with front module and battery-free LED wheels flash in red, green & blue. Extra-wide deck and rear brake supports up to 50kg.


  • Foldable scooter with elliptic folding system.
  • 4-height T-bar with new TPR handlebar grips.
  • Wide scooter deck (11-13 cm)


Navy Blue / Deep Pink

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