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Dr. Brown's Options+ 9oz/270ml Wide Neck Bottle Conversion Kit (1 Pack)

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Dr. Brown's 9 oz/270 ml Wide-Neck Options+ Bottle Conversion Kit, 1-Pack (Insert, Reservoir, Cap, Collar, Travel Disk) 

Converts Dr. Brown's 9oz/270ml Options Bottle into an Options Plus Bottle


• Converts the original Dr. Brown’s Options 9oz bottle into a Dr. Brown’s Options+ (Plus) 9oz bottle 

• Removable when baby’s feeding becomes more developed 

• Use vent system to create a fully vented bottle 

• Vent system keeps air from entering milk and baby from getting gassy 

• Vent system helps retain vitamins in milk 

• Vent system reduces gas in baby and maintains higher levels of vitamins in milk 

• Includes 1 vent insert, 1 vent reservoir, 1 cap and 1 collar 

• BPA Free  

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