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Comfy Baby Purotex Dimple Pillow

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Dimple Baby Pillow is specially designed for babies 0-6 months, protecting baby's soft head from flattening at the side or on the back of the head.

The positioning of the baby's head is one of the main reasons for plagiocephaly and it is resulting from constant external pressure exert at the same position on the skull. 

Memory foam helps to redistribute pressure from one spot, effectively prevent plagiocephaly at the same time provides optimum ergonomic support.


  • Treated 100% Natural Probiotics
  • Natural Bamboo Fibre Cover
  • Dust mite & Allergen-resistant
  • Removable & Washable Cover

Size: 22 x 32 x 4cm
Color: White
Material: Memory Foam
Fabric: Natural Bamboo Fibre
Treatment: Purotex Active Probiotics - Anti Allergens

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