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Bebedang Organic Brown Rice Stick 30g

RM 20.90
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No salt, no sugar, no flour, no oil & free from additive.
Melt easily with saliva, allowing babies with no teeth to chew easily.
Long shape of the rice stick makes it easy for babies to comfortably grab and help with their small muscle development.
Enjoy it with cream cheese or jam!


Cheese & Carrot (BBD70027)
Organic Brown Rice 97.8%, Cheese Powder 1%, Organic Rice Bud 0.6%, Organic Carrot Powder 0.6%

Brown Rice Bud (BBD70007)
Organic Brown Rice 99.4%, Organic Rice Bud 0.6%

Purple Sweet Potato (BBD70032)
Organic Brown Rice 98.8%, Organic Rice Bud 0.6%, Organic Purple Sweet Potato Powder 0.6%

Cheese & Sweet Pumpkin (BBD70026)
Organic Brown Rice 98.7%, Organic Rice Bud 0.6%, Organic Sweet Pumpkin Powder 0.6%, Cheese Powder 0.1%


Store in cool, dry place away from direct sunlight/heat.
Always supervise baby during feeding. Ensure baby is seated in upright position.
Net Weight: 30g
Made in South Korea

Recommended Age : From 8 Months & Above

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