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Beaba Universal Descaler - 1/2 Liter

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The Beaba universal descaler thoroughly removes limescale in the heat area of the Babycook. It is suitable for Beaba Babycook Original, Beaba Babycook Solo, Beaba Babycook Duo, Beaba Feeding Bottle Warmers, Beaba Bib’expresso and Beaba Sterilizers.


  • Universal Descaling Liquid
  • Removes limescale in the heat area of the Babycook
  • Suitable for Babycook, Feeding Bottle Warmer, Bib’expresso and Sterilizer
  • Content: 500ml


  • Unplug appliance and let cool, descaling is done when the appliance is cold 
  • Pour a mixture of 1/2 cup water and 1/2 cup white distilled vinegar (or for a more stubborn build-up 1 full cup of white distilled vinegar) into the reservoir and let it sit overnight or for up to 24 hours 
  • Pour out the vinegar by tipping appliance oven sink 
  • Repeat as many times as necessary until clean (check inside after each soak by using a small flashlight or your cell phone) 
  • Once clean, run 2 steam cycles with plain water using water level 3 to rinse out the vinegar 
  • Clean accessories with warm soapy water
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