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Barbie Fashion Pack (GWC29)

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Clothes for Barbie dolls Professions in the GWC29 range Unleash your imagination with the Barbie Professions series! Play with themed sets, try different professions with Barbie and choose who you want to become in the future! Choose any outfit, for example, for a skater, teacher, violinist or pilot. Universal fit fits most Barbie dolls. Each set of clothing is sold separately. The doll is not included. Colors and decorations may differ from pictures.

Barbie and related trademarks and trade dress are owned by Mattel.

Features: With the Professions series of clothes for the Barbie doll (sold separately), kids can come up with a variety of career stories in different fields. The sets can include skates and a trophy, glasses and a textbook, a violin with a bow, sheet music or headphones as accessories. A wonderful gift that will allow your child to learn more about a wide variety of careers and expand the Barbie doll's wardrobe. Kids will be able to try on different professions with Barbie and imagine what they will become in the future (each set is sold separately). Role-playing games on the topic of the profession develop the child's imagination, allow them to broaden their horizons and acquire communication skills.






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