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Hegen Bundle Deal (Grow With Toddler)

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Grow With Toddler Bundle Deal:

1 x Hegen PCTO 330ml/11oz Feeding Bottle PPSU

1 x Hegen PCTO 330ml/11oz Straw Cup PPSU (Lavender Blue)

*Hegen PCTO 330ml/11oz Feeding Bottle PPSU

Hegen’s 330ml/11oz Feeding Bottle is suitable from the sixth month and it comes with a Fast Flow Teat that meets the need for a fast milk flow rate during weaning. This larger size is also suitable for converting into a drinking bottle for when baby grows older, simply by changing the teat and collar to a drinking spout!

*Hegen PCTO 330ml/11oz Straw Cup PPSU (Lavender Blue)

The newest addition to the family, Hegen's Straw Cup is the first of its kind straw cup with a unique one-hand closure. Useful for parents with their hands full, no screw threads, just Press-to-Close, Twist-to-Open™!

The Hegen straw cup is designed for babies age 9 months and above to encourage natural sucking and the development of oral-motor muscles. They can be converted into different uses with a simple swap of the lids. Switch from a straw spout to a storage lid and convert it into a snack container. It’s super simple and convenient! 

The two step safety catch prevents the liquid from spurting and click-to-lock catch holds the cap in place while baby is drinking. 

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